• Christian Meditation
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    16 Apr 2018
    During this 2-Day programme, participants will practice mindful exercises to bring them deeper into their Inner Being. They will also explore the art of Listening with compassion to themselves and...
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  • interviewing skills
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    10 Apr 2018
    The outcome of an interview can affect anyone’s career trajectory. If you lack experience, the high level of anxiety around interviewing can sabotage your chances of making a great first...
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  • Reflection, Christian Spirituality
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    09 Apr 2018
    Christ Rises in your heart when: You wake in the morning with new hope; You go to bed with a forgiving heart; You truly grieve at another’s loss; Your heart...
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  • Featured Posts
    06 Apr 2018
    We invite you to join us for our newly formed Book Club! All are welcome to attend as we venture into the great spiritual writers. The Reading Group will meet...
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  • Happiness
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    21 Mar 2018
    Learning to think with power, passion and perseverance is the greatest grace. Mind your mind. Guard it from getting stuck in negative thoughts. The price of a calm mind is...
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  • Reflection, Contemplation
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    16 Mar 2018
    Consciousness, the False Self and the True Self The spiritual journey is a journey towards ever greater consciousness and awareness. We begin the journey by looking at ourselves. The great...
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Who are we?

We welcome people who wish to take time out to find meaning in their lives through the adventure of the spiritual search. This is facilitated through various forms of dialogue, experiential programmes, workshops, conferences and retreats.

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Our Facilities

At Emmaus Centre we welcome you to a beautiful location supporting peace and harmony.  The gardens and river walks help to enrapture our hearts with a sense of serenity and tranquility.  In keeping with our natural surroundings, where we are fortunate to find ourselves, the Centre has been designed to bring that natural tranquility inside allowing a special atmosphere in which to create the appropriate setting for your retreat, meeting or conference.

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To support you on your journey we have assembled an inspiring range of business programmes from some of the best facilitators in the country. These programmes search for answers and develop skills in Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Presence, Awareness, Focus, Mental/Physical health, improved mood, concentration and motivation. We want to be a valuable resource to businesses, a destination of choice where like-minded leaders assemble and congregate, in support of excellence and a vision for business based on values and a real sense of mission.
If this sounds like you too – we’d like to meet!

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Our Location

Our area is defined by the diversity of its landscape; it is rural, urban and suburban. We are close to three protected estuaries, salt marsh habitats and thirteen major beaches. Emmaus is located ten minutes by car north of Dublin Airport on the N1/132 and two minutes from exit 4 of the M1 with fast access to Dublin Port, rail, and Dublin city centre.

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Every request we receive is treated with respect, confidentiality, love and compassion.

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