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6 Tips to Increase Your Assertiveness

Do you tend to avoid conflict and withdraw because you are not sure what to do or say?
Here are six things to do when you feel this way:

1. Listen, Remain Calm but Firm under pressure;

2. Acknowledge the other person’s point of view;

3. Be clear in what is the outcome you wish to happen;

4. State your own position;

5. Stand your ground but be open to valid counter-arguments and be willing to compromise;

6. Focus on outcomes and results rather than emotions. If you are too overwhelmed by emotions you are not in the best position to behave assertively.

Join Executive & Confidence Coach Maria Lynch on Saturday, September 16th, where she will offer the tools you need to stay present on challenging situations. During this one day workshop, Maria will go through guided individuals and group exercises that will increase your overall Confidence. Programme details here:

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