By Fr Jim Cogley
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A Checklist For Spiritual Growth

Fr Jim Cogley shares 19 practical suggestions for building a stronger spiritual life:

• An increasing ability to live in the present and enjoy each moment.

• Lightness of spirit where I don’t take myself too seriously.

• Having more compassion towards myself and others.

• Acting spontaneously rather than on fears based on past experiences.

• Having a sense of purpose and destiny.

• A willingness to act with courage and extend my comfort zone.

• A loss of interest in judging other people.

• No longer being shocked by the actions of others.

• Taking things with gratitude rather than for granted.

• A loss of interest in conflict or violence in any form.

• A decreasing tendency to worry and increased sense of providence.

• Frequent episodes of overwhelming deep appreciation.

• Contented feelings of connectedness with others and nature.

• Frequent attacks of smiling, often for no apparent reason.

• An increased tendency to go with the flow and let things happen.

• A greater capacity for looking and seeing a big picture.

• Less struggle and trying to make things happen.

• Feeling more susceptible to the love of others.

• An uncontrollable urge to extend love to all creatures.


Fr Jim Cogley is a psychotherapist and woodturner with over thirty years experience. Based in the picturesque village of Oylegate in Co. Wexford, his particular interest is that of Healing, both personal and intergenerational, and how the past that is unacknowledged can still influence the present. As an artist with wood, he presents the age-old truths in the form of symbols that speak to the soul.
Regarded as an inspirational speaker he is constantly in demand for seminars, retreats and conferences, He is the author of several books in the popular Wood You Believe series including The Unfolding Self, The Ancestral Self, and The Twinless Self. His latest publication, The Spiritual Self – A Spirituality of Healing and Integration, has been highly acclaimed as one of the best contributions to religious journalism in recent times.

Wood You Believe – Volume 6 (Pages 112 – 113) by Fr Jim Cogley (Foreword by Brian D’Arcy)

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