Centering Prayer

19th and 20th October
Jim Colgey, Reflection, Covid-19

A Time of Opportunity

Sometimes the root meaning of certain words gives us a clue as to their deeper meaning. In the China, where this virus began, the word ‘crisis’ means, ‘a dangerous opportunity.’ This seems to capture the reality of the times we live in quite accurately. There can be do denying the danger side while it also provides an unprecedented level of opportunity. For those who may have long thought of doing something different or taking up a hobby, but could never get the time, this may be the time. It will also give us space for perseverance to get through the inevitable frustrations that come with any new pursuit. With every creative venture we need to get over that initial hump before we feel creative juices flowing and we begin to enjoy what we are doing. An ancient piece of Irish wisdom is that if you make a good start on a journey, you are already half way there. Many years ago while in secondary school there was a brief strike and with schools closed I learned the art of juggling. This became an art that I carried through life. It would be nice to look back on this crisis and see it, not just as something I managed to endure but rather as a time when opportunity came knocking on my door and I grasped it with both hands.

Every cloud has a silver lining but it is not always obvious.

As an initiative in response to the Corona Virus, daily postings, entitled Lights in the Darkness, will be made from Our Lady’s Island by way of social media. These will be of a reflective nature and written to help guide us through these difficult times. There will be important lessons to learn along the way and hopefully we will emerge stronger than ever. You may like to share these short but encouraging messages with your friends as a form of solidarity, support and to lift their spirits. Also your comments will be appreciated and where appropriate will be used to guide the content for each day.

You may email your comments direct to – [email protected] (Replies will be by request)

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