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Become Love

When you open yourself with courage to Love, it will radiate out from you.

Learn to keep all your thoughts in the positive energy-field of Love, of Life itself. Become Love – so that people can catch it off you! Your unlimited energy, your sense of well-being, your positive approach to every challenge in your life, the very ‘who-ness’ of your True Self will attract people, opportunities, experiences that never before seemed possible. But you must first open yourself up to the fire of infinite Love in the Spirit of the Creator of all things, in the core of the Earth and in your own heart of hearts. In the conscious energy and flow of this fire you are very powerful. Decide to live like this every day. (Christians, for example, put it this way – ‘I can do all things in the Spirit who empowers me. I can work all the miracles that Jesus did – and even more!’) But do you believe it?
‘Let yours be great and courageous souls. Always keep your heart big and open to Love’ (Pope Francis)

The Happiness Habit p51 by Fr Daniel O’Leary

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