HeartMath: Transforming Stress into Resilience

By Aisling Killoran
Heartmath, Manage Stress, Build Resilience

Building Resilience

Stress less – Accomplish More

Life events, experiences and conditions may cause stress and drain resilience, impacting us mentally, physically and emotionally. During times of stress and adversity, the body goes through several changes designed to make us faster and more alert. When this happens our heart rate increase.

Although we need challenges in our lives to develop resilience, there are many different strategies that can help us feel better and perform better.

Aisling Killoran, Therapist in Psychology, Health & Wellbeing, has helped many people to learn how to increase positive and decrease negative emotions. She teaches a scientifically proven technique called HeartMath that can help build resilience. This technique is easy to learn, it is simple, but powerful and can be used “in the moment”.

Aisling explains that those who master resilience tend to cultivate self-awareness, but how is that possible? It is possible by:

• Identifying conditions that cause stress and deplete energy.
• Managing everyday stress.
• Increasing self-care and practice acceptance.
• Becoming more optimistic and effective both at work and at home.

On Saturday, 22nd September Aisling will help you explore and learn how HeartMath works. Participants of the workshop will leave the day with an action plan to lower stress and regulate their emotions. Everyone needs reminders of the strengths they have and HeartMath can help you achieve an optimist life with emotional balance. Programme details here:  http://bit.ly/2MZjs1a

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