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Here at The Emmaus Centre we offer a serene environment with high levels of professional service, to ensure your business achieves more. We offer fantastic meeting and conferencing facilities, which you can book for your next off-site meeting, conference or customer event. Our experienced planning staff will walk with you every step of the way to make sure your event happens exactly the way you envision.

Your people are always your biggest asset. Even more important than customers! If you look after your teams and invest in their development and welfare you will see the rewards in better business performance and happier customers. To support you on your journey we have assembled an inspiring range of business programmes from some of the best facilitators in the country. These are cutting edge programmes which deliver on every level. Hopefully you will like them too and we’d be delighted hear from you if you’d like to learn more.

We want to be a valuable resource to businesses, a destination of choice where like-minded leaders assemble and congregate, in support of excellence and a vision for business based on values and a real sense of mission.
If this sounds like you too – we’d like to meet!

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