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Fear, Our Only Obstacle Of Joy

Fear has its roots in yesterday, makes today feel safe and is our enemy of tomorrow. It alerts us to the perils of ‘now’ because of what happened before. It appears to keep us safe but is in fact our only obstacle of joy. An example of this is where someone has experienced hurt because of a broken relationship. When opportunities arise to get to know someone new they are not availed of out of fear of being hurt again. The fear belongs to the past, it protects the comfort zone of the present and in so doing robs the future of possibilities.

• Faith expands our world, fear constricts it.
• Faith sees a positive outcome, fear sees the worst scenario
• Faith places us above our circumstances, fears puts us below.
• Faith risks the game of life, fear plays it safe.
• Faith extends the comfort zone, fear reduces it.
• Faith makes mistakes, fear makes excuses.
• Faith allows us to walk on water, fear makes us sink.
• Faith sees divine order, fear sees chaos.
• Faith conquers, fear falters.
• Faith creates that which is believed, fear does likewise.

When we are ill we go to the doctor whose name we can’t pronounce. He or she gives us a prescription we can’t read and we go to a pharmacist we don’t know, who gives us medication we don’t understand and that we believe is going to make us better. That is faith! Living a life of faith also involves transforming the apparent negatives into positives. With the eyes of faith we see:

• That stumbling blocks can become stepping stones.
• That seatbacks can become springboards.
• That mountains can become molehills.
• That problems can become opportunities.
• That mistakes can become learning experiences.
• That disappointments can become Divine appointments.
• That caterpillars can become butterflies.
• That ends can become new beginnings.
• That sad departures can be joyful homecomings.
• That history will eventually be seen as his Story.

Whatsoever you ask for in faith believe that you have already received and it will be granted.
(Matt. 21:22)

Wood You Believe Vol 6 – Fr Jim Cogley – pages 108, 109 & 110

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