Fr Daniel O'Leary
Reflection, Christian Spirituality

In Your Heart

Christ Rises in your heart when:
You wake in the morning with new hope;
You go to bed with a forgiving heart;
You truly grieve at another’s loss;
Your heart rejoices at another’s joy;
You keep your temper with a trying friend;
You refuse to nurse a niggling hurt;
You try again to beat your fears;
You face the routine of another day;
You try again to say , ‘I’m sorry’;
Your broken heart begins to mend;
You notice beauty you missed before;
You weep at the greed that causes war;
You delight when love comes round again;
You put together the broken pieces
And make with God a work of art;
You dare to love despite the grief;
You discover, within your winter,
A summer-time that never ends;
You hold the earth and all people
As you hold the hearts of those you love;
You trust in dawn at the darkest hour;
You accept your weakness and it makes you strong;
When you try to live in the present moment:
You know your freedom is truly won
And you dance on your grave like the Easter Son.

Daniel O’Leary, St. Benedict’s bulletin 1999

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