Centering Prayer

19th and 20th October
Pandemic, Reflection

Justice is What Love Looks Like in Public

Today we begin to look at some of the hidden issues related to the Covid 19 pandemic. Tomáš Halík writing for the America Magazine said, “Our world is sick. I am not just referring to the coronavirus pandemic, but to the state of our civilization, as revealed in this global phenomenon.”

It is in times like these that issues that trouble a society, an organisation or institution are heightened. The cracks in a system are exposed. Leonard Cohen sang that the light gets in through these cracks. Are we prepared to see that light and acknowledge the cracks?

We invited the Justice Desk, A Human Rights NPO based in South Africa to share their reflections on some of these hidden issues of the pandemic. Kayla Brittan (Operations Manager) and Ignatius France (Training Coordinator)
share their thoughts on how some of these issues laid bare during this pandemic.



What issues have come into your awareness during this time?
How has this awareness impacted you and your attitude to life?
What systemic structure in your society would you like to work towards changing?

• Read the article, “Christianity in a time of sickness” by Tomáš Halík (
• Read the article, “The covert nature of privilege in the time of Covid 19 by Kayla Brittan (
• Listen to Leonard Cohen sing The Anthem (

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