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At the heart of our programmes we help you discover your values and ethics. We help you to be a more assured and better grounded leader who knows the way ahead and knows how to stay on course when storms come. These skills and experiences will change you and your workplace for the better. We all want to do the right thing in life but very often our values become lost and we frequently struggle to protect what we hold most dear. All too often we lose our way and sell out, especially when times get tough. We can help you to discover the real you. The you who already knows what the right thing is and already knows how to lead, but maybe needs a bit of help to see this.

These programmes will move you emotionally, but are also firmly rooted in up to date neuroscientific research. So, if you want to develop teams who can perform better for longer, who have lower absenteeism and sick leave, and who have a genuine sense of mission, then you owe it to yourself to drop in for a chat. We spend most of our waking adult lives at work or thinking about work. The traditional carrot and stick management approach struggles to maintain personal and team motivation. Instead, we all want to believe in something, to believe that what we do makes a difference, to come in to work with a true sense of mission and optimism every day. Well you can, but not if you don’t decide to change! 

We’re waiting to talk with you when you’re ready…

List of Upcoming Programmes

There are no upcoming events at this time.


Mindful Leadership, leadership, mindfull

Appreciative Inquiry – Theory, Practice and Foundations

This is a new and exciting programme which is being offered for the first time in Ireland. Rather than just another technique, Appreciative Inquiry is presented as a radically innovative...
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Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness at Work Course

What does the Mindfulness at Work Course cover? Develop Skills that Power Sustained Health, Wellbeing & Peak Performance Our Mindfulness at Work Course is a practical and experiential programme adapted...
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Conscious Leadership Programme , mindfulness at work

Conscious Leadership Programme (Weekends)

A cutting-edge leadership programme for executives who wish to lead the way as conscious, responsible, innovative, purpose driven organisations. The world is changing at a rapid pace and organisations are...
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Leadership, Clarity, Blueprint programme

Blueprint 2018 – Personal & Professional Planning

  Blueprint 2018 – Personal & Professional Planning Take One Day Out To Focus The Next 12 Months. When was the last time you took a really productive day out...
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Assertiveness classes, Confidence Workshop, Confidence classes, Assertive workshop,


This is an Emmaus for Business Programme Rock Your Work And Have A Life. A Unique Workshop To Dramatically Boost Your Effectiveness, Mindset And Life ‘Time Shift’ is a unique...
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Leading with Emotional Intelligence, leadership programme, Pia Fenell

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

This is an Emmaus for Business Programme “Leading with Emotional Intelligence” for people at work and in business Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm Emotional Intelligence refers to an individuals’ ability to...
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Time Management, Energy Management, Pia Fennel, Leadership

Personal Leadership – Time and Energy Management

This is an Emmaus for Business Programme Time: 9.30-16.30 Are you looking to develop your own Personal Leadership in areas such as achieving your individual goals and becoming more effective...
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Insights Discovery, Personality Preferences

Personality Preferences and Improved Relationships using Insights Discovery

This is an Emmaus for Business Programme The Insights Discovery programme helps people perform to their highest level by improving their understanding of themselves. Once we have a heightened understand...
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