Fr Daniel O'Leary

When You Learn to Believe in Unconditional Love, Your Life is Radically Changed

For some reason people struggle to believe that the Great Mystery (often called God) is immediately available and accessible. Many were brain-washed into believing in a person ‘out there’ somewhere who keeps his distance, who judges, who punishes, who allows bad things to happen to good people. If you believe in this kind of terrible tyrant you will never be happy. Such a monster does not exist. The true Giver of Life is, in fact, in love with you, intensely present wherever you are working, playing, creating – at your desk, in your kitchen, your car, checking your smart-phone, arguing about the remote-control, rehearsing with the choir, shopping up at Tesco’s and drinking down at the pub. Like a star-crossed parent, the Mother of Life loves looking at you, delights in you at every moment.

‘God’s desire is to totally overwhelm you with love; to have you experience it to overflowing; to have you sense, feel, taste, and touch his love for you. He really wants you to experience him.’ – Spiritual writer Linda Boone

The Happiness Habit p63 by Fr Daniel O’Leary

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