Fr Daniel O'Leary

Does love live at your address?

Love Changes Everything. It is the Ultimate Power, Especially in Your Home.

Is it the natural heart of your own family and community? So much creative energy, so many powerful feelings and long-lasting impressions are centred there. It is where you learn the deepest truths of life – ‘by heart’; not so much in cerebral lessons as in the way you ‘catch’ what is enduring and beautiful from those who impress you. Open, trusting, receptive young minds are being daily nourished or damaged by every adult word or emotion expressed in the home and community. Too often there is a terrible adult/parental blindness that cannot see the unique mystery of the ‘ordinary’ family home where life is created, where truth, goodness and faithfulness are reverenced, where love and forgiveness are at the core of everything. But are they?

‘Perhaps nowhere more than in the heart-felt dynamic of the home – of marriage and family life – where the human spirit stretches itself in its trusting, forgiving and letting go to the limits of its potential, is the expression of true love more clearly lived out. But this is not everyone’s experience.’ (From ‘Is Home a Holy Place?’)

By Fr Daniel O’Leary (The Happiness Habit p79)

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