Merry Christmas

from The Emmaus Centre
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Merry Christmas

Christmas is traditionally a time for families to come together and spend quality time with one another.
We all have our own favourite memories from previous years, especially from times when we were all much younger.
Special times with our siblings and parents, waiting for Santa to arrive and wondering what he would bring. Attending church at midnight or early Christmas morning. Eating too much Christmas dinner and playing board games in front of the fire. Family and community mean a great deal to us all. It’s about being present to others and also being appreciated and loved.

You have again provided us with so many memories and special moments in 2017. We were born for life in family and community and hence loneliness and isolation come into stark contrast at this time of year as we also remember those who have no-one to share Christmas with. Perhaps you can reach out to someone on their own this Christmas or invite someone to share lunch with you and your family, or give of your time or talents to make life less lonely for someone who needs you to be present for them this Christmas. Hopefully being at Emmaus has a made a difference to you this year and you can see the benefit of now helping someone else who may need your help or maybe just your company for a while over the holidays.

We have been humbled to build community with you this year again and we have been touched that you chose to share your time and life stories with us here at Emmaus in 2017. When we look forward to the hope of another new year, we long to continue that sense of community and fellowship that we feel with you, a feeling we truly hope you experience here too. We’ve loved having you here as part of our family and from everyone at The Emmaus Centre we wish you and your families every kind of wonderful blessing, as you come together to celebrate the joy of Christmas and the anticipation of another new year.

Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year!

“But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people;” – Luke 2:10

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