Fr Daniel O'Leary

Mind Your Mind

Learning to think with power, passion and perseverance is the greatest grace. Mind your mind. Guard it from getting stuck in negative thoughts. The price of a calm mind is eternal vigilance. The trick is to catch yourself when your mind, unanchored, drifts off course into uncharted and troubled water. Gently but firmly try to rid yourself of those negative thoughts at their first appearance; that is when they are weakest. Get into the habit of welcoming every morning like a child with a new look in her eyes. Each day is another opportunity to live and to love, to begin new things, to create something beautiful. With care and attention this will last throughout the entire day. It is the daily habit we were born for.

Your dream and your thinking, bring them together as deeply as you can. Weave your fragile dream into your patterns of hope-filled, optimistic thinking. Be always attentive and open to the Higher Presence. Millions rightly believe that, once filled with a trust and a love that flows throughout the universe, they can think themselves into a happier life. They also know, as physicist Albert Einstein pointed out, they cannot change their worries by the same thinking that created them in the first place. But changing our ways of thinking takes patience, courage and perseverance. Some strange and strong forces within you are determined to drag you down. Remember the weird darkness in you that fights the light, that always wants to crush your precious dream of a new beginning.

The Healing Habit pp 39,43 by Fr Daniel O’Leary

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