By Fr Daniel O'Leary
Gratitude, Mindfulness, Reflection, contemplation, enthusiasm

Negative to Enthusiastic

Grumpy, negative people are not particularly popular. Our moods affect others. Our hearts are made for shining, and people catch that light off us.

Do you sometimes notice how many of your thoughts and emotions are damaging and cynical? That is a good start. Try to avoid judging, blaming, criticising and resenting; they drain your very being. ‘Years wrinkle the skin,’ said Samuel Ullman, ‘but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul’. Once you learn how to drop old jealousies, old scores, old hurts, then you find a deeper and more fulfilling life. This will be a struggle for you – but the rewards are such a blessing. A healthy and vibrant enthusiasm is achieved by letting go of those deep-rooted attitudes and negative habits of the mind. It takes much courage to find and follow the light that emerges from the darkness. Remember that to be ‘enthused’ is to be God-filled, to be divinised, to be intoxicated by the Holy Spirit. ‘In the middle of my winter’ wrote the poet, ‘I found an invincible summer.’

Rake the much this way, rake the muck that way, it will still be muck:
Reach for the light, dance in your heart – or forever stay stuck.


(The Heavenly Habit p 67)  by Fr Daniel O’Leary

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