By Fr Daniel O'Leary
Reflection, Wellbeing, Parenting, Taking Risk

Over-Cautious to Risking

Were your parents over-cautious? Do you always carefully observe the rules? Are you known for ‘playing it safe’?

At certain times you may have good reasons for behaving in such a manner. But without taking risks, following your heart from time to time, you cannot blossom and grow into your true self. If your motto is carpe diem, the desire to live life to the hilt, then there will be many mistakes, but a deeper satisfaction and sense of fulfilment.

If you do not risk failure, and maybe even being ridiculed or humiliated, then you just cannot delight in discovery, or celebrate your own authority and authenticity. The compulsion to be always right, to remain in ‘the state of grace’, to be forever safe, is a deadly block to your creative urge, your delightful imagination. Without the break-down of your rigid defenses, there will be no break-through of your desire to be flying and free. We become ill when we deny our deepest instinct.

There is a force within us that needs to be always reaching for what is beyond us, to be for ever compelled to explore, to take the risk of discovering what’s over the next mountain.

(The Heavenly habit p69) By Fr Daniel O’Leary

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