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Practise the Art of Living Mindfully

You become what you think! Are you aware of what’s going on in your mind? Is it calmly focused and grounded in the present, or jumping around like a distracted grass-hopper? Are you tuned in to what is happening around you, noticing things, aware of what your senses are telling you? Not always easy to do at the beginning, this is a skill you will eventually acquire. Are you trying to be truly present to those you are with, present to all your surroundings? Do you eat mindfully, walk, touch and look mindfully? Do you listen carefully to others, without interrupting their story? Are you one of those sensitive people with a thoughtful, care-filled attentiveness and respect that make others feel safe, un-judged? Such mindful people are daily trying to find, nourish and live out their True Self.

When the mind calms it can hear more subtle things – that’s when your thinking slows down, your intuition starts to blossom and you see things more clearly in the present. This is a discipline and you have to practise it. (Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc.)
(Happiness Habit p23)

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