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Beyond Mindfulness: A Journey Into Deep Awareness

March 24, 2018 10:00 am
March 24, 2018 4:00 pm
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1 Day Workshop


***This event has been cancelled***

Beyond Mindfulness: A Journey Into Deep Awareness programme would be for those people who have some experience already with mindfulness. It consists of four meditations over the period of one day that cultivate a deeper awareness of awareness itself.



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This 1-Day programme will entail four reflective exercises that lead us to become aware of our awareness.

The first is Awareness beyond thought. In this exercise we explore how our sensations, feelings and thoughts come and go but our awareness of them does not. Our sensations, feeling and thoughts change but our awareness does not.

The second exercise explores how our values and roles and even our personality (how we show up in our roles) changes from time to time and in different contexts. We get to see that we are not our values or roles or personalities but our true self is awareness itself.

In the third exercise we explore awareness beyond time. In this exercise we explore how we understand time differently depending on how large or small the chunk of time is. From an hour to a day to a year to a lifetime to the lifetime of the universe our understanding of time changes. Yet our awareness of our understanding of time does not.

In the last exercise we explore awareness beyond individual identity. We see how awareness does not only exist in me but in all the other people doing this exercise. In fact awareness exists in all people at all times in all contexts. So awareness in not something I have personally in some exclusive manner but is something we all share as human beings.

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