Wisdom and Compassion: The Two Pillars of a Peaceful & Contented Life

March 13, 2020 8:00 pm
March 17, 2020 2:00 pm
Type of Programme
Silent 5 Day Meditation Retreat


In the silence and simplicity of this retreat, we will practise mindfulness [vipassana, insight meditation] and heartfulness [various compassion practices], so that we will see the magic and mysteries of the mind and hear the whisperings of the heart.
There will also be plenty of time for rest, going for walks in the beautiful grounds of Emmaus, and individual practice.
There will also be time for reflecting, together or in private talks with Marjó, on how the practice is going.

A silent retreat is an ideal opportunity to see where we judge and to have compassion for that; and to see where there is joy and to find ways to share that.
And we get a taste of the equanimity and contentment that arise when we realise that we are already completely and fully enough as we are.



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These practices, guided by Marjó, will be suitable for beginners and non-beginners.
This retreat is also suitable for those who are doing a teacher training in Mindfulness-Based Approaches, as well as for Mindfulness and Compassion teachers who would like to support their meditation practice.

Marjó Oosterhoff will facilitate this retreat. She will offer guided practices that are doable, and that are transferable to everyday life.
There will also be self-guided practice, as well as walking meditation (slow, mindful walking).
Being in the quiet and natural environment of Emmaus centre, is conducive to the development of wisdom and compassion.
The weekend will be a time formal and informal practice, as well as being outside in nature, and an opportunity to engage with whatever is happening, with a mind filled with kindness and tenderness.

This retreat will be suitable for beginners and non-beginners.
Marjó has been guiding retreats for almost 25 years, sharing meditation practices that support an open, kind and gentle response to life. Marjó was authorised to teach retreats by her teachers in 1995.

Participants should bring their own blanket, meditation cushion or kneeling bench. This programme includes some lying down meditation as well as sitting. Rain gear and/or an umbrella is also recommended to bring to this retreat, as some of the walking/slow movement meditation will be done outside.

Meals are vegetarian for all.

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