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Healing and Spirituality (The Twelve Steps)

Contemplative Outreach, Contemplative Prayer, centering Prayer
Br Denis Gleeson cfc Spiritual Direction, Adult Christian Spiritual Development & Education Ethos
January 18, 2020 9:30 am
January 19, 2020 2:00 pm
Type of Programme
2 Day Retreat


Non-Residential: €90 Lunch Included in cost.
Residential: €130 – All meals + Accommodation Included
Time: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm (Sat) / 9:30 am – 2:00 pm (Sun)

Br Denis Gleeson invites participants to join him in this inspirational 2-days retreat at the Emmaus Centre. This programme draws upon the proven twelve step spirituality of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is suitable for anyone interested in the twelve steps and who wishes to continue, or to embark upon, a twelve step spiritual journey. Participants who live with family members who struggle with addiction will also benefit from this event.

Althought it is not meant as a first introduction to the twelve steps for someone struggling with addiction, thid retreat is suitable for participants who want to explore a tried and tested spirituality and to establish spiritual practices that support healing, recovery and change.



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The Twelve-Steps programme begins by looking at the origins of the twelve step approach made famous by Alcoholics Anonymous. This includes the story behind the assertion, by the renowned psychologist Carl G. Jung, that alcoholism was a “spiritual” problem. The nature of spirituality itself, therefore, is also examined. It is suggested that all spiritualities share essential steps that must be taken for spiritual growth and development and personal healing. The twelve steps are a very good example of these essentials and that is why they are taken as a model.

Using the work of Rabbi Rami Shapiro and Trappist monk Thomas Keating, each of the twelve steps is looked at in turn for what it has to teach us about naming and overcoming and healing the addictive behaviours all of us have that hinder our growth as people. The approach taken is light and conversational and each group dictates its own pace.

The psychology behind spiritual growth and development and healing transformation will be addressed. Concepts such as the ego, the false self and the true self will be explained. In addition, time will be given to how we see the Greater Power in life, the Supreme Being, the Ground of our Being, Ultimate Reality, God.

Suggestions are made about spiritual practices that may help participants open up to personal transformation and opportunities are provided for participants to take part in some of these practices. These specifically address step eleven of the twelve steps which speaks about improving our contact with God – as we understand God. Participants, then, can expect to take from the programme new skills as well as new insights.

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