Know Your Temperament; Know Yourself

November 30, 2019 10:00 am
November 30, 2019 4:30 pm


“Know Thyself, and thy faults, and thus live.” – St. Augustine

The concept of the four personality types, or temperaments, has been employed by Christianity over the centuries to deepen our understanding of ourselves. Why spend the time and effort to understand ourselves? Part of our human nature, and God’s gift to us, is our temperament. Taking a closer look at the temperaments help us not only understand ourselves but also allows us to be more supple to the work of God. Such knowledge will help you grow spiritually as well as improve your interpersonal skills.



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In this 1-Day workshop, you will:
– take a test to find out which is your predominant temperament
– compare your predominant temperament to that of various Irish Saints to shed light on your own
– spend the day getting to know your natural strengths and weaknesses

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