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A Lenten Journey with the Word of God

March 14, 2020 10:00 am
March 14, 2020 5:00 pm
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1 Day Event


***This programme has been canceled.

Lectio is for people like you. Join us to deepen your appreciation of the living word.

In preparation for the season of Lent, Fr Joseph Ralph invites you to attend a practice of scriptural reading, meditation and prayer: Lectio Divina. Together participants will Read, Recognize, Respond, Rest-in and Reflect on the Living Word.




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About Lectio Divina
Lectio Divina is a term we are hearing more often these days, especially here in St. Catherine’s. Lectio Divina translates from two Latin words as “Sacred Reading”. It is an ancient method of reading the bible and goes back to the first thousand years of Christianity as the principal way of forming communities centred on the sacred Word of God. In the church today Lectio Divina is undergoing a marked revival and is being rediscovered by people worldwide as a personal and communal way to meet Jesus and to grow your relationship with him and with each other. Also it is a way to deeper understanding of God, ourselves and our world.. In this way it gives an opportunity for all God’s people to do theorogy – “faith seeking understanding” as defined by St Anselm.

In this 1-Day Programme, Fr Joseph and participants will:

  • READ

Read slowly, carefully, and deliberately. The most important question in reading the Bible stories is not “Is it true” but rather “What does it mean?”


Through Meditation we enter into the text and discover that it has been fulfilled in our own life-experience. In Lectio Meditation, the mind is active – particularly the imagination through making connection with memories – but also feeling, emotions and intuitions (our families, neighbourhood, parish, country and world).

  • PRAY

Thanksgiving, Repentance, Petition and Contemplation. Like children who have played and worked all day in the knowledge of the presence of a loving parent, we are now ready and content to be picked up and held by the parent and to rest in his/her loving embrace. Compare a comtemplative moment to this experience of becoming captivated and absorbed in the beauty of the setting sun in whose light and warmth we have moved all day.

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