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Motivation to Practice

January 20, 2018 10:00 am
January 20, 2018 4:00 pm
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1 Day Workshop

****This Course has been cancelled****

Joseph Feely will be at the centre to deliver another programme starting in January – Exploring Spirituality: Stages of Faith 


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This 1-Day workshop with Joseph Feely is designed to foster resolve, earnestness and motivation to renew our commitment to spiritual practice for the new year.

Motivation to Practice workshop consists of four meditations over the period of one day that will encourage one to commit to their spiritual practice in a renewed way. It is scheduled at the start of the year for those wishing to renew their spiritual practice at the beginning of a new year. In this workshop we will explore four different aspects of life that upon reflection give rise to the motivation to commit in a deeper way to our spiritual practice.

The first is opportunity.
Reflecting on different contexts to which we could have been born into that were unfavourable to growing spiritually leads us to value the opportunity to avail of spiritual teachings and practices today.

The second is impermanence.
Reflecting on the fact that everything passes, from this day to this season to this year to our five year plans to our lives, gives rise to the motivation to find something deeper and this in turn gives rise to an earnestness around our spiritual practice.

The third is cause and effect
Reflecting on our actions what we cultivate in our lives leads us to see that our actions have consequences. Some small, some large. Depending on what we cultivate and act upon in our life the world and ourselves are created and affected in either positive or negative ways. This leads to a desire to grow in virtue and to diminish our alignment with vice.

The fourth is suffering.
Life is a mixture of suffering and joy. In the first exercise we will focus on the joy of opportunity. In this exercise we focus on the reality of suffering. Reflecting on the reality of suffering in life encourages us to seek something deeper. In so doing it too motivates us to renew our commitment to spiritual practice.