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The Art and Power of Listening

April 13, 2019 10:00 am
April 14, 2019 4:00 pm
Type of Programme
2-Days event


Being able to listen well to yourself and others brings a sense of connection, clarity and compassion. Its simple, healing power is often underestimated. When we learn the art of listening, our relationships with ourselves and others can be transformed.

Non-residential (lunch included)



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Principally drawing on the work of Eugene Gendlin’s evidence-based Focusing* but also on Mindfulness practices, this workshop is designed to help participants discover the skills involved in listening. We will explore how when we listen well, we also learn patience, non-judgement and compassion. We will explore how to be at what Gendlin calls ‘ at the edge of awareness’ and allow fresh insights and clarity to come from there.

*Focusing is an evidence-based practice centred on Gendlin’s discovery in the 1970’s that clients in therapy had better outcomes when they were given time and space to reflect and focus on their own inner sense of an issue. 

As a participant in this 2-Day non-residential workshop will you learn:
· About the different kinds of listening – passive, active and reflective
· The qualities of good listening and how to develop them
· The power of presence and silence
· Techniques for being with what’s not yet clear and allowing it to crystallise or come into focus
· Simple guiding interventions to use as a listener
Mary and Margaret will employ a combination of guided reflective exercises and group discussion to achieve these outcomes.

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