The Backpack Programme – A Summer Camp for Teens

July 28, 2019 5:00 pm
August 3, 2019 12:00 pm
Type of Event
Youth Retreat


Calling all students aged 13 – 18 to embark on a fun filled journey of human and spiritual development.

What is the Backpack programme about?
The Backpack Programme is a is a human and spiritual development programme for young adults aged 13 – 18 which teaches in a fun and relaxed way how to react to challenges we have no control over. The main aim of the programme is to equip students with essential tools for life, promoting resilience and help-seeking behaviour. The Backpack’s lessons build on each other to draw young people toward a habit of positive and accurate self-contemplation. During the programme, participants will explore tools on how to better be able to think critically about themselves and their relationships, such as:

– Calming the body in times of stress and anxiety
– How to set reasonable goals in life and work effectively to achieve them
– Acknowledge the 4 personal boundaries and how to respond when they are crossed
– Learn more about their own personality and spirituality. The spirituality of the Backpack is delivered in a gentle way with a focus on personal relationship with God through Contemplative prayer.

Which activities are included?
– Interactive and Dynamic Lessons
– Afternoons of Outdoor Games and Activities
– Chill evenings indoors with games, food and movies
– Midweek Adventure Outing – Last year we did Ziplining!
– Contemplative Prayer / Meditation




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Residential package includes: All Meals, Accommodation & Activities


Who is it for?
Young adults aged 13 – 18.

Is this a Catholic Programme?
The Backpack has many components which are helpful for everyone, spirituality out aside. That stated, this is a Catholic programme and our Catechism is taught throughout.
Summer Camp Teens, Backpack Programme






Summer Camp Teens, Backpack Programme







Summer Camp Teens, Backpack Programme




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