Conscious Leadership Programme (Weekends)

Conscious Leadership Programme , mindfulness at work
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A cutting-edge leadership programme for executives who wish to lead the way as conscious, responsible, innovative, purpose driven organisations.

The world is changing at a rapid pace and organisations are being challenged to find new ways of leading. Traditional leadership no longer works.  What is needed is a new leadership model that builds sustainable, purpose-driven organisations that are role models to their communities. Being very clear on why you are in business and how you can leave a positive impact on your community drives a culture that is conscious of its values and a purpose that all can connect to.  Profit making as a purpose does not in its self-create a sustainable company, but aligning the organisation’s purpose with a higher value will ensure a deep level of connection with your staff and customers. This sense of purpose makes a company a great place to do business and a great place to work.

Qualities of a conscious leader                                            

  • Aware of their impact on others
  • Self-mastery
  • Present
  • Self reflecting
  • Takes responsibility
  • Innovative
  • Believes in collaboration
  • High trust
  • Rooted in values
  • Focused on the us and not me
  • Aware of their ego and can rise above it

Our programme offers you an opportunity to take a fresh look at your approach and your organisation.   Reflecting on:

  • Creating a value driven collaborative organisation
  • Defining your culture to match the values
  • Aligning your own approach to reflect these values
  • Understanding your leadership style
  • Understanding how to use feedback to develop awareness of the impact of your style
  • Planning interventions with your team
  • Planning your time and core activities to achieve the results you desire
  • Giving authentic feedback to your management team
  • Understanding how the organisation mirrors your level of consciousness
  • Building a high trust culture based on authenic relationships

Find out more about Aine.

How the programme works?

The programme is normally run as a weekend retreat for organisations who wish to take their management and/or teamleaders and emerse them in a 2 day creation. As a follow-on we offer an evening programme of workshops to further develop and refresh your understanding, to ensure that you and your teams put everthing into practice! Alternatively, the evening woorkshops can be tailored as an introduction if you are unable to commit to a weekend.

The programme also works for staff at all levels to help with building teams and getting alignment, but more importantly in understanding yourself and your style and how it relates to others, and above all in tapping in to your true values and generating a real sense of mission. Everyone needs to be a leader and be confident to step up! We can help show you how…

Each workshop will typically include: (will be customised to your needs as fit)

  • Skills sessions
  • Reflection
  • Group discussion on challenges within your organisation
  • Thought leadership input
  • Exercises
  • Self reflection tools
  • Planning interventions

It is recommended that you also take up the option for a personal coaching session to support your journey to conscious leadership.

If you wish to set up a meeting to discuss your requirement or would simply like to know more please contact Michael Burns at Emmaus Centre on 01 870 0050 or via email [email protected]

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