Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Leading with Emotional Intelligence, leadership programme, Pia Fenell
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This is an Emmaus for Business Programme

“Leading with Emotional Intelligence” for people at work and in business

Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm

Emotional Intelligence refers to an individuals’ ability to perceive, evaluate and work with emotions, both their own and the emotions of colleagues. This workshop provides participants with an understanding of Emotional Intelligence, with a particular focus on understanding our own ability to express and control our emotions and also our ability to interpret, understand and respond to others’ emotions.

Emotional intelligence is a key ability which help us in many situations at work and it can help determine our success, collaboration, strengths of relationships and our happiness.

An important part of this workshop is to help people in business become more aware of themselves, their strengths and possible weaknesses which ultimately help us in our working relationships. This is one of the most important personal development topics for current and future leaders. The workshop will be delivered in a very practical manner with focus on the individuals’ understanding of themselves while being able to connect with others.

Prior to attending the workshop, participants will be required to complete an online Emotional Intelligence assessment. This will generate an individual report, which will be given to all participants during the workshop.  The report will provide continued support through development suggestions for the future.

Facilitator: Pia Fennell is qualified to administer and deliver EQ-i 2.0 since 2011, which is one of the most popular Emotional Intelligence assessments. Pia has worked in the business world for many years in sectors such as Insurance, Printing and Pharmaceuticals.  Pia has experience with delivering Emotional Intelligence programmes to private businesses, the Civil Service and the Public Sector.

Pia is a very experienced facilitator and always work to ensure participants are comfortable participating, while challenging their current thinking.

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