Personal Leadership – Time and Energy Management

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This is an Emmaus for Business Programme

Time: 9.30-16.30

Are you looking to develop your own Personal Leadership in areas such as achieving your individual goals and becoming more effective in your achievements?

This workshop focuses on the need to manage your greatest resource which is YOU.

We will explore your ability to manage yourself in 4 very specific areas. These areas are;

  1. Your individual goals – how effectively your current set of goals motivate and drive you forward in life;
  2. Your effectiveness in achievement – how well you manage the prioritisation and achievement of these goals;
  3. Your mental effectiveness – how effectively you manage your mental energy throughout the day, a week etc;
  4. Your physical energy – how well your current levels of physical energy supports your drive on a daily basis to the levels they could.

Parts of the programme take inspiration from the best-selling book “The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time” by J. Loehr and T. Schwartz. A small piece can be read here:   Manage your Energy, not your Time article

The programme take inspiration from many areas, and will ultimately focus on what we can and will do to make the changes we feel are necessary to take personal leadership for our effectiveness at work and privately.

In addition, we will discuss how your brain operates and what we can do to unleash its great potential. We often hear that we are not using our brains full capacity, so what can we do to improve our use? We will test out and discuss practical examples of what we can do ourselves.

This workshop will help you to reach your full potential by examining the individual elements and your effectiveness in each of them. You will walk away with tips, ideas and your individual action plan.

Facilitator: Pia Fennell is an excellent facilitator and very experienced trainer. She has worked in business herself for many years in industries such as Insurance, Printing, Pharmaceuticals etc. She has delivered programmes on Personal Leadership to private organisations as well as the Civil Service and Public Sector.

Pia is a very engaged, supportive and yet challenging facilitator, aiming to bring out the best in people. She works to ensure participants walk away with clear ideas of how to make desired changes.

Find our more about Pia.

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