Personality Preferences and Improved Relationships using Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery, Personality Preferences
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This is an Emmaus for Business Programme

The Insights Discovery programme helps people perform to their highest level by improving their understanding of themselves. Once we have a heightened understand of ourselves we can easily adapt and connect with others. This helps us and everybody else at our workplace.

Insights Discovery is a simple model for greater self-awareness and improved relationships. The model uses colours to help us understand personality preferences. Each of us have a combination of these colours, which create our unique personalities.

Insights Discovery is a powerful tool that can be used to improve communication, create better understanding between individuals, improve working relationships, resolve conflict and much more.

Prior to attending the programme, each person must complete an online questionnaire. This will result in a personalised Insights Discovery Profile, which will be used throughout the programme.

Pia Fennell is the facilitator for this programme. She is a licensed Insights Discovery facilitator. She is passionate about self-awareness and using the Insights tool.  The programme she runs will be energetic, fun, learning rich and very practical. You will walk away with a heightened awareness of yourself and an increased understanding of people around you.

Find out more about Pia.

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