Marjó Oosterhoff

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Marjó Oosterhoff

Marjó Oosterhoff is manager and resident teacher of Passaddhi Meditation Centre in West Cork. She has been practising mindfulness and loving kindness meditation since 1981, in Asia as well as in the West, and in 1995 she was authorised to teach retreats by her Thai and Burmese teachers. Marjó will gently guide the participants in a safe and quiet environment to a place of inner stillness. This retreat will be suitable for beginners and non-beginners, for people of all religious backgrounds or none, and offers an introduction to mindfulness and compassion practices, and a deepening for those who already practise meditation, in whatever form. Teachers and trainee teachers of MBSR and MBCT are also welcome to join this retreat. The days will be spent mostly in silence, with guidance from Marjó, and ample opportunity for feedback, in the group and/or in private conversations with Marjó. There will be sitting meditation sitting on a chair is totally fine alternated with slow, mindful, walking meditation. Participants are encouraged not to bring reading or writing materials, and to switch off their mobile phones, so that they can immerse themselves in the practices, and come home to their innermost being.

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