Nadine Ferris France

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Certified Facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie & Co-Founder of the Work Ireland

Nadine Ferris France

Nadine has spent 20 years working with leaders and groups the field of health and education within United Nations and civil society agencies, as well as in academic institutions in Asia, Africa and Ireland. Nadine was a co-founder and Executive Director of Health and Development Networks and lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand for 12 years. She currently works in Dublin part-time as the Operations Director for the Irish Forum for Global Health & ESTHER Ireland and has recently Founded a new non-profit organisation The Work for Change. She is also a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.


She supports individuals and groups to question thoughts that cause stress and to learn a new way of coping and embracing life.  The Work of Byron Katie is an extremely powerful way of identifying thoughts that cause stress or limit us achieving our full potential, and then questioning those thoughts using four questions and a process of turnarounds. The effect is freedom – freedom from the thinking that holds us back and keeps us stuck in our stories of a past or a future.

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