July 31st Reflection

Fr Daniel O'Leary
Contemplation, Meditation, Fr Daniel O'Leary

The Wound in Everything

The universe has come from one small wounded seed that is blossoming into infinity

Only in quiet meditation, through contemplative moments, will you deepen your understanding of creation, of space, of the cosmos, of the mystery of your being, of the wound in everything. You will begin to believe that just as you are, you are a child of the universe, a unique core of creation, and the stuff of stars. You have come a long way! Amazingly, everything is interconnected, all are one – the wounded heart of the cosmos and the cosmos of your own struggling heart. When you are in tune with your own pain you are also in tune with the pain of the universe; in fact it is only in your evolving, marvellous mind that our planet can become conscious of itself – its suffering and its joy. A few decades ago few of us were aware of how intimately we are connected with our Mother-Earth.

‘We who are baptised into cosmic evolution, have a responsibility to evolve and to help this Creation also evolve towards universal unity.’ (Franciscan scientist, theologian Sr Ilia Delio)

(Happiness Habit p85)

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