Happiness at the Heart of the Christian Journey

13th & 14th October
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What is the Secret of True Happiness?

We all want to be happy. More so than that, we are created to be happy and it is inscribed in the heart of every person. It is a universal quest, both for happiness in this life and happiness for eternity, with the eternal happiness in heaven as our destiny. Jesus gave us the Good News so that “His joy” would be in us and “our joy be complete”.

“The quest for happiness is common to all people of all times and all ages. God has put in the heart of every man and every woman an irrepressible desire for happiness, for fulfillment” – Pope Francis.

What is the secret of true happiness?

Happiness often just doesn’t happen – we need to cultivate happiness and that can involve very simple things in our daily lives. Pope Francis, during his historic visit to Ireland last month, addressed the joyful gathering of families when he spoke of Aldo and Marissa, who have been married for over fifty years: “Their marriage is a monument to love and fidelity! Their grandchildren keep them young; their house is filled with laughter, happiness, and dancing. Their love for one another is a gift from God, and it is a gift that they are joyfully passing on to their children and grandchildren”.

Perhaps that isn’t your experience, or perhaps you are still searching for that type of happiness, whether it be in marriage, in your friendships, in your job, in your studies, in your home life. Come wander amid the forage for colorful autumn leaves at the Emmaus Centre and join Fr. Brian Kavanagh for a weekend of fostering practices that can lead to happiness, including prayer, the sacraments, reflection, and connection with God. During this inspiring retreat, your desire for happiness will receive the attention it deserves and hopefully, new pathways to happiness will be discovered.

Explore the pathways to happiness with Fr. Brian Kavanagh.

Happiness at the Heart of the Christian Journey takes place on 13th & 14th October

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