Centering Prayer

19th and 20th October
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Uncovering our Fears and Anxieties

During these times of rapid and unprecedented change its important to adopt a faith based response rather than allowing fear and anxiety to overwhelm us. Yet it needs to be acknowledged that many are innately more prone to fear and worry than others. Some even feel guilty at not being stronger and more faith-full in times of crisis. Our fears are generally rooted in the past and while they make us want to cling to present securities they rob us of hope for the future. Having been hurt in the past we don’t take risks in the present, but by succumbing to our fears we deprive ourselves of what we can be in the future. Issues from our past that still linger in the unconscious find expression in our anxieties in the present. To uncover the source of our fear it may be useful to trace that all too familiar feeling back to when it began or where I first began to be aware of it. If change was imposed upon us at an early age it may make it difficult to adapt to a time of change such as this and so I may well wonder why all I feel is dread. Fear can and will immobilize us and make it difficult to make the most out of this difficult situation. Rather than seizing opportunities we will be just blinded by obstacles. A useful anacronym for the word FEAR is, Fantasy Experienced As Real. It could well be a far worst enemy than Covid-19!


As an initiative in response to the Corona Virus, daily postings, entitled Lights in the Darkness, will be made from Our Lady’s Island by way of social media. These will be of a reflective nature and written to help guide us through these difficult times. There will be important lessons to learn along the way and hopefully we will emerge stronger than ever. You may like to share these short but encouraging messages with your friends as a form of solidarity, support and to lift their spirits. Also your comments will be appreciated and where appropriate will be used to guide the content for each day.

You may email your comments direct to – [email protected] (Replies will be by request)


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