Burning Heats

Friday, 3rd August
Burning Hearts, Prayer, Worship, Prayer

What else would you be at on a Friday night?

An acorn has all the internal ingredients to develop into an oak tree but, if it’s not planted in good soil, or get sunlight or rain water, nothing happens. At best, it will sprout and die quickly. Like the acorn, it is essential that we find ourselves in the right environment for our faith to grow.

Having this in mind and in our hearts, we are launching an uplifting and inspiring new programme for Young Adults. Burning Hearts will take place monthly in an environment for your faith to be nourished. We want to see a thriving Church, full of life and hope. We are part of a living organism, the church, and through our baptism, we have been grafted on to the body of Christ. As any other living organism, there are certain things that we need to survive and thrive. Each evening of Burning Hearts will be packed with inspirational testimony and teaching to tend the garden of our souls.

At The Emmaus Centre, we believe that prayer is like sunlight. As a plant will grow towards the sun, we direct ourselves towards the object of our faith, God himself. Through Mass and Adoration, we keep our eyes focused on the one our hearts are longing for. Every well-kept garden has a diligent gardener that cultivate growth, and the same happens with us. A solid formation cultivates growth in our faith. Let’s stick together very much like Sequoia redwood trees, their root system is intertwined, enabling them to stand tall and thrive. We need each other to be a community and to be sustained in our faith.
Our Second Burning Hearts event will include Mass and Adoration with Music &  Worship, and a good cup of tea to follow!

If you have any questions, contact Gerard Hanley, our newest team member 😊, Youth & Young Adult Ministry.Burning hearts, Youth Retreats





Burning Hearts takes place on Friday, 3rd August from 7 pm to 9 pm at The Emmaus Centre
FREE event
All are welcome, especially young adults between the ages of 18 and 45.

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