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Career, Personal & Life Coaching with Maria Lynch 

Executive Coaching involves a one-to-one coaching relationship between Maria– your Executive Coach, and yourself -the Client. The aim of Executive Coaching is to improve professional performance and help you maximize your personal effectiveness and opportunities in your role in the organization.

What topics could be covered in the sessions?
It will entirely depend on your goals. During our first session we will discuss your needs and agree on your goals. We will monitor progress and keep them in mind throughout our coaching relationship.

Some Examples of Topics Covered Include:
Confidence building, Communication skills, Assertiveness skills, Building Self-esteem and self-worth, Managing conflict and Bullying behaviour in the workplace and conflict resolution, Strengths-based coaching, Change management, Personal effectiveness , Time management, Decision making and Setting Priorities, Problem Solving, Delegation , Overcoming Public speaking and Presentation Skills, Personal Branding, Stress management, Values and beliefs setting, Goal setting , Leadership Development to include Presence, Leadership Vision and Purpose, Creativity and Strategic Thinking, Stress Management, Communication, Presentation and Influencing Skills, Change Management and more.

Career building for role progression/ transition, performance management, organizational effectiveness, enhancing strategic thinking, developing executive presence and personal impact.

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There are a number of independent counsellors who use Emmaus to offer counselling services, please contact reception on 01-8700050 for a list of Counsellors.


Understand yourself

Psychotherapy helps you understand what makes you ‘tick’; which means you can make sense of what is happening to you.

Feel more positive

From understanding comes action, you can change the way you think, feel and behave. Psychotherapy enables you to take control of your life.

Grow as a person

Psychotherapy is not just for the problems you may face from time to time, but is a positive life enhancing experience; enabling you to go on and make changes in your life.

You can develop skills which will enable you to handle life more effectively – to deal with difficult people and situations, and to achieve your goals!

Psychotherapy is a way of looking at your feelings, thoughts and behaviours and exploring how to deal with them.

Get support

Stress, anxiety and depression are commonplace in today’s fast paced society. Emotional support during difficult times in life is part of what psychotherapy can provide. You will have an opportunity to talk, and to be heard with sympathy, respect and understanding. Do you sometimes think you will never cope? Psychotherapy can offer you the support you need.