School Retreat

Facilitating a school retreat or youth retreat programme is an important part of our work.
Our aim is that the students who attend our retreats have a truly enjoyable day, whilst having an experience of personal, social and spiritual growth. Retreats are based on themes that are appropriate to the students age. However the team would be very happy to adapt the programmes to suit any requests for specific themes or retreat content that a school might have for any particular year group.
For 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year, Transition Year, Fifth Year and Sixth Year students we offer a one day youth retreat programme beginning at 9.45am and concluding at 3.30pm. (1st, 2nd & 3rd 3.00pm) A tea break, as well as a full lunch are included within this time. This program is available Monday through to Friday during the school year.
In addition, for Sixth Year and A-level students only, we offer a two-day, overnight youth retreat. Within the extended time the themes of the retreat are given further time and space, there is greater chance for private reflection and a wider variety of challenging and thought-provoking exercises can be used. We often find that the two-day program is a strong bonding experience for a final year group during what is a very pressurized year. The games, the craic and sing-songs enjoyed during the breaks are all seen by us as a vital element of the retreat. This two-day retreat is a very popular programme with schools north and south of the border so it is advised to book early.

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