The Backpack Day

The Backpack Day, featuring the groundbreaking new programme The Backpack: Essential Tools for Life, equips students to explore their relationships with themselves, with others, and with God. The programme is scientifically and psychologically grounded and authentically Catholic at the same time. Everyone will benefit from this retreat and cultivate the skills needed to cope with anxiety and stress, become more self-aware, and explore their unique role and identity as spiritual beings.

The standard Backpack Day gives students tools to think about themselves positively, to understand the process of developing as human beings, and to maintain good mental health. It helps them to identify healthy relationships and set good boundaries. We also give them time to reflect on their relationship with God and we teach them how to pray contemplatively.

This day can be tailored to suit a specific group, to cover requested topics from the workbook, or focus on specific themes. If you have any questions or requests, please contact Gerard on 0872135841 or email [email protected]

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