Holy Communion Retreats

Calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them, and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven” – Matthew 18: 2-4

Jesus called children to himself and set them before us as an example. At Emmaus we value the faith of little children and offer them an opportunity to express their faith and grow in understanding. As Jesus drew children to himself we offer children preparing for Holy Communion an opportunity to draw near to Jesus and speak with him in their hearts.



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How much does a Retreat at Emmaus Cost?

Secondary School Retreats: €25 p/p
Includes break time refreshments, hot lunch and booklet
Overnight Retreat: €60 p/p
Includes break time refreshments, breakfast and three hot meals
Confirmation Retreats: €15 p/p
Includes juice and Oreos, hot lunch and booklet
First Holy Communion: €10 p/p
Includes juice & Oreos and hot lunch

How many students can you cater for?

We can cater for groups from 10 to 120. However, if your group is over 80, we recommend splitting your group in half and booking two retreat days. Large numbers make it impossible to do small groups and make it more difficult for students to talk, share and ask questions. The hussle and bussle of large numbers can also make it less relaxing for students. That said, we are here to help and are more than happy to accommodate your large group!

How do you cater for people of other backgrounds and religions?

We are keenly aware of the wide range of places young people can be at today with regards to Religion. The retreat day content is accessible and relevant for all. As a Catholic Retreat Team, we endeavour to uphold Catholic values by ensuring everyone is welcome no matter what their background or Religion. We stress the invitational aspect of the Gospel and are keen to respect the freedom of each individual to choose how they communication with God in their hearts and minds. We also provide opportunities for students to ask questions and share their own beliefs and experience if they so wish.

Do you only offer on-site retreats at Emmaus?

from their everyday activities. The facilities at Emmaus are top of the range for a school retreat day with workrooms, dining facilities, prayer rooms and beautiful, expansive grounds. If for any reason you cannot bring your students to Emmaus, then please contact the Retreat Team Coordinator to talk through the possibility of the team coming to your school.

[email protected]

How flexible are you with content and schedules?

We are always open to hearing your specific needs. If there are particular themes or topics you wish to cover, please contact the Retreat Team Coordinator within good time so that we can cater for your needs.

[email protected]

Dietary and other special needs

At Emmaus we have years of experience with handling a range of special needs including dietary needs such as coeliac, vegetarians, halal etc. If a student has a nut allergy, we cannot guarantee there has been no cross contamination and strongly recommend that the student bring their own lunch and EPI Pen.

Please let us know in advance if your group has any special needs including dietary needs.

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