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Yoga & T’ai Chi Chih Classes at Emmaus

At Emmaus Centre we welcome you to a beautiful & peaceful location. We offer evening Yoga and T’ai Chi Chih sessions to support local people with physical well-being.

T’ai Chi Chih with Dan Healy, CFC

Six Thursdays starting Thursday, 14th September through Thursday 19th October from 7:30 – 8:30 pm.
Fee: €60

The best way to understand T’ai Chi is to learn the moves and to practise them regularly. The purpose of T’ai Chi is to circulate and balance the energies of the body. Realizing that the traditional Oriental variety of T’ai Chi presented too great a challenge to most Westerners, Justin F. Stone devised T’ai Chi Chih, which is more adapted to our culture. It promotes serenity through action, joy through movement, energy awareness and mental concentration. Six sessions of one hour each will provide a good general introduction to the practice of this popular form of T’ai Chi.

About Dan Healy

Contact: 01 8700050


Yoga Classes with Louise

Tuesdays: General Yoga 6:15pm or 8:30pm – All abilities
Pregnancy Yoga 7:20pm.

Special Offer 6 consecutive weeks €75. Drop in €13.50.

YOGA your way to great health & happiness. Breathe–Stretch–Relax-Feel Great. Enjoy a low impact Yoga class, suitable for all ages and any level of fitness or flexibility. It’s terrific to make time for yourself in your busy schedule. Take this important step to support your mind, body health & wellbeing as you move through your life. You’ll be delighted. There are many health benefits; Yoga helps to improve flexibility, increasing circulation while loosening stiffness within the joints. Yoga relaxes muscles, eases aches and pain, strengthens the immune system and supports the respiratory system. Practicing Yoga aids sleep, reduces stress and elevates the mood and the feel-good factor. This is a wonderful class and we look forward to welcoming you.

Through the practice of breathing and gentle stretching, Yoga can help to keep you healthy and flexible during pregnancy. Yoga helps prepare you physically and mentally for labour and delivery and also assists postnatal recovery. This Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga Programme is relaxing and enjoyable. Suitable from week 12 of pregnancy. Please bring a pillow.

About Louise Tyrrell

Contact: 087 9910747



Yoga Classes with Nadia

Wednesdays: Classes run from 19.00 to 20.15 – All abilities
This course we will explore posture work to stretch and strengthen, breathing and meditation techniques as well as a nice relaxation at the end of the session.

The style of Yoga Nadia teaches is strongly influenced by the Iyengar school of Yoga, where emphasis is given to precision and correct body alignment in all postures. Yoga aims at balancing mind and body via physical postures (asanas), controlled breathing (pranayama) and the calming of the mind through relaxation and meditation.
The breath plays a major role in a Yoga class, proper breathing allows you to move smoothly between postures and keeps the mind focused. The minute you start to work with your breath, not against it, is when you will get most of the benefits from a Yoga class.
Yoga is a discipline that can be practiced by people of any age and level of ability and you should remember that you are not being judged in a Yoga class.
We all have to work within our own limitations. Nadia’s role is to make sure that you work within each pose in a way that is safe and appropriate to your body.
Don’t focus on the people around you in the class, instead try to approach the practices with an attitude of openness and self-acceptance. Then you will be able to enjoy that feeling of being energized in your body and relaxed in your mind, that comes from practicing Yoga.

About Nadia Zorzetto

Contact: 087 9927933

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