by Fr Daniel O'Leary
reflection, fr Daniell O'Leary

You, the False Self – to You, the True Self

Your False Self is most probably the self you think you are! It is not a bad self. It is your small self, still undernourished, still shallow, still petty and touchy. It is imprisoned by the trappings of the ego – your body image, your job, your education, success and ambition – and your attachment to these. The False Self is what changes, passes and dies when you die. Only your True Self lives forever. The whole point of Life’s quest is to lead you to an experience of your True Self. It is the purpose of religion, of salvation – that the immortal diamond of your deepest, most real and authentic self begins to shine. You are becoming love.

Mystic Thomas Merton writes of the True Self: ‘Then it was as if I suddenly saw the secret beauty of their hearts, the depths of their souls where neither sin nor desire nor self-knowledge can reach, the core of their reality, the person that each is in God’s eyes.’ There is a part of you that has always said ‘yes’ to God, that is always in complete oneness with the divine flow, a music in perfect pitch with the melody of heaven’s heart. This is your divine DNA, your inner destiny, that absolute core that is always intimate with the heart of God. All your life you have two companions vying for your attention – your big and beautiful Self, your small and anxious Self. Have you made your choice?

Yet again you are trudging into the dark weather

Of your mind. Your eyes are dull. Your

Heart heavy with too many things.

A stranger is keeping in step with you. His

Face is beautiful with love. You look away.

You look back again. He’s gone. And then you know.

It was a glimpse of your truest, faithful self.

(The Heavenly Habit p109-110) – By Fr Daniel O’Leary

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