Fr Daniel O'Leary
Fr Daniel O'Leary

Your Beautiful Soul

Identify with the higher, authentic, most beautiful soul given to you by your Mother-Creator from the beginning. It is the Real You and lives in a safer place, stands on surer ground. It is free of any diminishment that can be done to you by others, or even by yourself. Protect it! Without your permission, anxiety and fear have no more power over you. Blame and anger and humiliation cannot possess you for long anymore. This is the True Self that lives in the flow of free grace, the empowered ‘soul’ that can do all things because it is energised and inspired by the Spirit of Life which is God. Try to surrender to that spirit. Your body will tell you beyond doubt when your mind is in harmony with that Being. Because then you will want to dance!

It is not by plastering over your negative thoughts with positive ones that you transform them. It is by courageously recognising their false substance, those ‘core assumptions’ that you have mistakenly taken as real and true. Look again at the cause(s) of your distress. Eckhart Tolle and Richard Rohr believe that most (85%) of your thoughts are repetitive, useless and damaging. This is so surprising; how deeply and constantly do we fall into the trap? Only the practice of meditation, of paying compassionate attention to everything and everyone, will guard your thoughts and feelings; the price of inner freedom is this constant awareness. Ask yourself for which pattern of your thinking are you providing most oxygen!

(The Healing Habit P94, 95) – By Fr Daniel O’Leary

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